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Fiction | 0h10 | 2022




Concordia University

Projection A


Director : Cédric Gaillard
Actors : Loik Lafrance, Louka Bertrand Chabot
Production : Cédric Gaillard, Émya St-Germain
Scriptwriting : Cédric Gaillard
Photography direction : Marie-Julie Bergeron

After their physical education class, the guys can do nothing more than tug and insult each other. Lou, who observes them from further away, waits for them to leave to take his shower alone. When he returns, he will be surprised by Manu, where they will take advantage of this intimate moment to redefine their relationship.

About the director

Cédric Gaillard is a queer multidisciplinary artist, with a bachelor's degree in film production from Concordia University. She first grew up in the world of improvisation for over 15 years. She is now a performer, trainer and master of ceremonies.


Quickly, she opened her horizons to theatre, dance, performance art, photography and cinema. Her latest short film, Les crottés, closes her university career with candor and intimacy.


Cédric shines by the way she creates deep and authentic ties with the people she meets. Most of her works are committed to feminist and 2sLGBTQIA+ themes, two issues close to her heart.

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