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Entertainment | 0h16 | 2022




Concordia University

Projection C


Director : Etienne Adam
Actors : Véronique Clusiau, Maxime Allard, Hugolin Chevrette, Tristan Harvey
Production : Etienne Adam & Marie-Pier Neault
Scriptwriting : Etienne Adam
Photography direction : Etienne Adam

Tears of Metal tells the incredible saga of Fourchette, who suddenly finds herself endowed with life and movement following an... unfortunate accident. Immersed in a universe parallel to ours, she goes on an expedition, looking for other living objects like her. Over the course of her setbacks, she will forge new friendships, suffer betrayal, unmask conspiracies in a world that is more hostile than expected, and, ultimately, will try to save her skin... of metal.

About the director

Etienne Adam is a multidisciplinary chameleon when the time comes to engage in a process of visual creation. His colors leap cheerfully from director, 3D animator, composer of digital images and visual effects, video editor, generalist 3D artist, author and even cartoonist.
His artistic career is not really a precise beginning, but his entry into the Cité Collégiale upon leaving high school in the animation program is a point of entry into the professional world of 3D animation and cinema. He continued his studies in the Cinema program at the Cégep de l'Outaouais and then completed his student course at the NAD school in Montreal, in 3D animation and digital design. The end of this BAC coincides with the beginning of the pandemic, which has, by an unexpected twist of fate, forced him to fill the time of confinement with his own projects, and this is how his first short 3D animated film Tears of Metal was born after 2 years of hard work. This film has already won several prizes at various film festivals in Quebec, Canada and internationally.
He currently teaches 3D animation at Bois-de-Boulogne College.

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