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4:00 AM

Entertainment | 0h02 | 2021




Concordia University

Projection E


Director : Sarah Alouani
Actors : 
Production : 
Concordia University
Scriptwriting : Sarah Alouani
Photography direction : Sarah Alouani

4:00AM is a surreal, horror, and unsettling film about the feeling of waking up. With the use of 2D animation techniques, Mixed media explorations and poetic visuals symbols, and metaphor, a horrific experience describes the disgust and the horror of waking up generally early in the morning.

About the director

Filmmaker, illustrator, and animator. Sarah Alouani is a multidisciplinary artist as well as a Concordia University alumna, she has worked on projects including a video clip for the musical band La Fièvre and compositing work on a variety of collaborative projects. With a passion for poetics and surrealism, Sarah's films captivate with their dreamlike quality. Her collaborative work with peers and four other films in her repertoire showcase her dedication to artistic excellence. At the emerging film festival, Sarah's unique vision promises to inspire audiences with her captivating alternative storytelling.

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